Ms. Bishop

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Welcome to English Language Arts and Ancient Civilizations!

Ms. Bishop


Greetings! It is a delight to be teaching at March Middle School. While this is my 30th year in education serving both the private and public sector, I have been at March since opening day, 12 years ago. My, how time flies!  To provide a brief educational background about myself, I possess a Master of Education in Cross Cultural Teaching from National University, and an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Whittier College. Go Poets!

Within my career, I had the privilege of teaching overseas, helping to bring curriculum reform to Russian educators in 1993. During this time, I developed a deep admiration and respect for other cultures and their deep rooted history. Thus, I am excited to journey with students academically as we discover the rich history of ancient civilizations in social studies, and “novel” ideas in English Language Arts!

On my page you will find tabs for the aforementioned subjects. Please feel free to visit these pages, as they provide a more focused description of each class.  Additionally, every tab includes a sub-tab titled “assignments,” whereby I may periodically post applicable online links that accompany classroom lessons. I may also use these sections to post subject related blogs for the purpose of learning enrichment. So, stay tuned. There are exciting things to come!

Finally, I want to express the invitation to keep an open communication system on behalf of your student and myself. Should you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email at or leave a message with the office, and I will respond at my earliest convenience. After all, “we’re all in this together!” Here's to marching forward with Maverick Pride!


Best Wishes in the 2017-2018 Academic School Year!

 Ms. Bishop